Welcome to bioRe India & bioRe training center

bioRe India is the pioneering organic cotton project in the world started in year 1991-1992 initiated by Mr Patrick Hohmann. Its objective is to improve small farmers’ livelihood through organic farming of cotton and other crops. Farmers are treated as partners receiving agricultural advice and support for the purchase of organic means of production. bioRe over the years have developed together with its clients, transparent systems and process and always ready to share the information on success’s and challenges with its partnering organizations.

Historical perspective:

Following are the major milestone in evolution of bioRe organic cotton project to bioRe India Ltd.

bioRe organic cotton project is initiated with 75 farmers .in colloboration with Maikaal

Remei takes over: bioRe India Ltd becomes a separate company

bioRe Association was incorporated as social entity of bioRe in India.

Training centers is developed with incorporation of bioRe association & bioRe’s Ginning unit becomes the first unit in India over as ginnery to be SA8000 certified.

Starting up the long term system comparison trials in association with FIBL.

Started a collaboration with the University of Agricultural Sciences – Dharwad for the development of `Non GM Cotton Genotypes suitable for Organic farming’.

Vivek Rawal  taken over as CEO of the company  on January 8th 2013 .

New Ginning Unit of bioRe India is inaugurated & bioRe farmers starts getting very first research seeds from bioRe seed research as large scale demonstration.

bioRe Cotton :  not just certified Organic cotton

bioRe cotton stands for ecological, fair, transparent and social cotton where we  try to also addressing certain human rights  in production by addressing right to education, right to heath, right to work and right to ecology. It is certified organic cotton as per NPOP standards certified by best certification bodies in India. bioRe cotton is about treating farmers as partners and respecting their role and supporting them in challenges they face in adverse environment of chemical pesticides and GMO. bioRe cotton is about bringing clients closure to the farmers. bioRe cotton is about complying to bioRe social and environmental standards which are develop together with clients to create an atmosphere of understanding and trust.

We produce all three staple types i.e medium staple (29 mm), Long staple (34 mm) and short staple (24 mm).

Food crops

bioRe India works with several independent company which support bioRe farmers to market their food crops which are eventually produced under crop rotation or as winter crops from the same fields. Details of available crops, volumes and estimated delivery period is given as follows:

  • Organic Soya : 1500 MT per annum ( Oct-March)
  • Organic Pulses: 500 MT per annum ( Sept- April)

  • Organic cottonseed and cake : 1000 tons per annum ( Nov-March)

  • Organic Maize: 2000 MT per annum ( Sept- March)

  • Organic Sweet-corn: 200 MT per annum ( Sept –March)

  • Organic chickpea: 500 MT per annum ( Feb-April)

  • Organic wheat: 1500 MT per annum (March-June)

Interested person/organizations with a long term view for business collaboration are welcome to participate with bioRe India in helping farmers to get their crops marketed.

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