Special Initiatives
bioRe organizations in India are envisioned to create bioRe as platform to ameliorate sufferings of marginalized farmers affected with volatile climatic situations, poor agriculture practices and limited options for sustainable livelihoods. Involvement of farmers at all levels of the organization is something that the organization is working towards.
Click here to : Flow Chart of bioRe farmers representation system.

Development of Non Gmo Seeds.

  • Revival of native cotton species which are slowly becoming extinct, like `Arboreums'.

  • Development and promotion of `varieties' or ‘non hybrids’, as they can be multiplied fast and seed cost to farmers can be reduced substantially.

  • Development of seed chain, production of quality of hybrids ( with known lineage) with selected farmers and certification of these by seed certification agencies.

  • Collaboration with UASD (University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad) one of the leading cotton research stations of India for the development and evaluation of cotton `genotypes' for organic farming conditions.

  • In June 2011(at the University of Dharwad) an International Workshop was organized by bioRe and others on `Disappearing non-GM cotton – ways forward to maintain diversity, increase availability and ensure quality of non-GM cotton seed.'- The link for its proceedings is Link of Special_initiative
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    5 Principles
    that govern us

    • Organic - Organic – no chemical production, no monoculture.
    • Fairness - dignified production conditions for farmers ,farm workers and factory workers.
    • Ecology - respect nature and resources.
    • Quality - production of high quality cotton, cotton yarn  and food crops.
    • Transparency - information from and direct contact with all stages of production.