bioRe social and environmental standards

The bioRe ® Social Standard for cotton is the quintessence of bioRe' s social performance and commitment towards small contract producers in India and Africa. Unlike any other social system which endeavours reconciliation between economic interests and social enhancement, the project's unique features along with its pioneering spirit promoted the benchmarking of bioRe' s social system into a recognized standard system. The standard renounces to any technical aspects of cotton production, as well as associated environmental sustainability criteria, as both are being addressed by organic certification schemes which are successfully adhered to. Environmental excellence enhances the focus to be diverted to the socioeconomic improvement of cotton farmer's and worker's livelihoods, reason why the standard is genuinely social. The development of the bioRe ® Social Standard for cotton was commissioned to FLOCert, the most renowned and only internationally accredited social certification body, for its expertise in social standard settings.

  • Structural requirements
  • Market Price
  • Premium
  • Purchase Guaranty
  • Quality Training
  • Advisory Service
  • Individual Credit Schemes
  • Community Project Development
  • Farmer's Representation
  • Non-discrimination
  • Labour Laws
  • CO2 Compensation projects
  • Organic farming
  • Economic Strengthening of the Organisation
  • A Social Audit is conducted on annual basis.
  • Impression