Our Philosophy
Organic agriculture
  • Promote organic agriculture by providing professional consultation to farmers through extension services providing knowledge of best organic agricultural practices through research Link.
    Training of farmers at the bioRe training centre for organic and biodynamic agriculture. www.bioreassociation.org

  • Development of Quality Non GMO Cotton Seeds suitable for organic farming and revival of traditional cotton varieties
  • Seed production programme in close collaboration with University of Agricultural Sciences – Dharwad. (read special initiatives).

  • Sustainability
  • Strive towards sustainability in agriculture.

  • Dedicated services
  • Advisory services to bioRe farmers through an extension team Guaranteed purchase of crop, Certification of farmer groups in accordance with the required standards.

  • Partnership
  • Linking farmers to the consumers.
  • Farmers as shareholders.
  • Farmers as board members in the decision making process.
  • Farmers to be federated into Self Help Groups.
  • Impression



    5 Principles
    that govern us

    • Organic - Organic – no chemical production, no monoculture.
    • Fairness - dignified production conditions for farmers ,farm workers and factory workers.
    • Ecology - respect nature and resources.
    • Quality - production of high quality cotton, cotton yarn  and food crops.
    • Transparency - information from and direct contact with all stages of production.