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Board of directors


Mr.Patrick Hohmann
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Mr.Rajagopal PV
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Mr.Rajeev Baruah
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Mr.Surendra Singh
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Mr.Arun Chandra
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bioRe's team can be broadly divided in three parts administrative staff who are based at its headquarters in Kasrawad, Ginning team which includes workers, supervisors and managers working at the ginning factory based at Dongargoan and a team of 40 extension workers who are stationed at various extension centres.



5 Principles
that govern us

  • Organic - Organic – no chemical production, no monoculture.
  • Fairness - dignified production conditions for farmers ,farm workers and factory workers.
  • Ecology - respect nature and resources.
  • Quality - production of high quality cotton, cotton yarn  and food crops.
  • Transparency - information from and direct contact with all stages of production.